Common Admission Test

The Common Admission Test is a computer based test held in India. It is conducted for admissions in Postgraduate Business Administration Programme and other programs in various IIMs and other B-Schools accepting CAT. The test scores a candidate on the bases of Quantitative Ability (QA), Verbal Ability (VA) and Reading Comprehension (RC), Data Interpretation (DI) and Logical Reasoning (LR).

CAT Syllabus as per the 3 sections

Quantitative Ability
Geometry, Trigonometry, Probability, Number System, Permutation & Combination, Speed, Time and Distance, Profit and Loss, Logarithmic Equations, HCF and LCM, Ratio, Quadratic and Linear Equations, Algebra, Mensuration, Percentages, progressions, Complex Numbers, Simple and Compound Interest etc.
Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning(DILR)
Tables, Graphical Representations, Charts and any diagrammatical Representation, Logical Games, Calendars, Cubes, Clocks, Blood Relations, Seating Arrangements etc.
Verbal & Reading Comprehension(VARC)
Critical Reasoning, Paragraph Forming, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension

Exam Details

  • Duration of the examination will be 180 minutes. Candidates will be allotted exactly 60 minutes for answering questions in each section and they cannot switch from one section to another while answering questions in a section.
  • For every correct answer student will be awarded +3 marks. And for every wrong answer there is a negative marking of -1.
  • There is no penalty for unanswered questions.
  • There is no negative marking for non MCQs
  • Exam format
    Quantitative ability (QA)  34
    Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning  32
    Verbal and Reading Comprehension (VARC)  34
    Total No. of Questions  100