Private tutorials at Wisdom are excellent. The teaching staff is exceptionally brilliant. I owe my success to Wisdom Academy.


We found you just in time. Our daughter could not keep up at Non-medical in school and felt under pressure from her classmates. You were all so kind when she wanted some lessons. Within a short time, her confidence had recovered and she was a different girl. How can we thank you enough


Wisdom Academy has knowledgeable teachers who are fun, engaging and approachable. I really felt like I was learning rather than memorizing throughout my entire experience.


The math and verbal curricula are both very good, and the timed practice problems during each class give students a good idea of the time constraints they ought to be working with on the real exam. Just experiencing the class is sure to build up a student’s confidence in taking the test and increase the student’s score by a significant margin — it certainly has for me.


I sincerely believe that your class has helped a lot. And you really are great at what you do. It is hard to conceive of anyone who would do a better job. I will convince my younger brother to take your course when he graduates.


Wisdom Academy’s course structure is fantastic and it’s become very helpful for students at the exam time.


It is great to see Wisdom Academy reach such heights just on the basis of service and dedication. Home tuition provided by expert faculty really helped a lot.


Excellent coaching guidance provided by faculties of Wisdom Academy helped me to crack SAT successfully and get admission to Columbia University.


I just wanted to let you know that I took my GRE and doubled my score from this past summer. This would not have been possible without your guidance. I really appreciate all of your time and patience, and truly thank you!!


Private tutorials and customized solutions provided by Wisdom Academy helped me to do well in IELTS.